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Consulting and Advisory Services

Adams' 30 years of public and private transportation company experience with a strong focus on quality service, operational efficiency, and financial management provides a uinque resource. We provide a variety of consulting services from general management to comprehensive operational analyses.  Adams also provides forensic accounting services that complement its in-depth operational analyses. For a complete list of services please visit the Consulting and Advisory Services page.

Financial and Operational Performance Reviews

In today's economy with reduced funding it's important that transit agencies are operating as efficiently as possible while retaining effective quality service. A financial and operational performance review can identify operational  cost savings that allow the agency to retain, rather than cut services, or better yet, deliver more services for the same cost.  These savings opportunities can be found in a variety of areas including service design, scheduling, manpower utilization, or in the approach to departmental program management.   

Contract Assurance

Transit agencies have strict fiduciary and service delivery responsibilities to the communities they serve.  Service contracts have been carefully crafted by agencies to provide certain levels and quality of service, generally at a fixed price. Just as internal audits are performed by transit agencies on their own operations so should contract operations be audited. 

Contract service companies strive to comply with contractual requirements but simply cannot be aware of every issue that arises at the local level.  Are company standards in training, maintenance, operations and quality assurance being adhered to and are programs being implemented as envisioned in the contract?  Compliance reviews also consider administrative issues like "wage and hour", payroll procedures, and farebox and revenue handling.  Adams can help you minimize or eliminate liquidated damages and increase incentive payments.

Whether an agency or contract service company, Adams' Contract Assurance services can help you save money and ensure you are getting what you are paying for.