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Operational Performance

Adams Consulting brings decades of industry expertise in public transportation to your operation and understands that the level of quality your transit agency is able to produce is the result of many well-functioning key operational areas. Transporation operations contributes greatly to customer courtesy and service relability through a a system of operator scheduling and management, communication, dispatch and road supervision. 
  • Scheduling
    • Manpower planning, operator utilization and overtime all effect agency cost and morale.  Driver shortages and overtime need to be minimized.  Adams will review the current methods used to track manpower requirements, absenteeism, turnover and training production and recommend improvements and report systems that allows the agency to maintain staffing levels that match service requirements.
    • Extrabaord planning
  • Absentee control systems
  • Operator Manuals and Disciplinary Codes
  • Dispatch and road supervision procedures (have a major impact on responsiveness to incidents and service quality)
    • Pullout management
    • Utilzation of dispatch technology 
    • Procedures to minimize and prevent service disruptions
    • Accident procedures
    • Emergency response plan 
  • Driver management and communications