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Key Performance Indicator Management (Metrics) 

We manage what we measure. 

Adams has developed key performance indicator systems that measure what is important to the agency and customer (passengers), and reporting systems that provide timely useful data for managers. Measuring financial and operating data on an historical basis is great for knowing past perofrmance and projecting trends.  But, there are some measures that should be reviewed in real time, daily and weekly.  This allows for immediate corrective action preventing monthly budget shortfalls and poor operating performance.

Knowing daily pay-to-platform ratios, overtime, pullout performance, PMIs performed, and driver levels can prevent missing financial and operating projections for the month, and improve service quality.  Adams has developed a system including these and many other measures that can be presented as part of a "daily dash board." Adams can assist in reviewing and developing programs and SOPs to ensure your entity is managing to achieve peak performance.