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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is probably the best and final measure in determining the success of transit services you provide.  Using metrics to measure performance and the quality service is important but if the numbers do not jibe with what's important to your customers you may not be achieving your goals.  

There are several ways to determine customer satisfaction.  One is through the use of mystery riders that can determine how the agency employees respond to service related questions or problems presented and treat their customers.  This method can be used with operators and customer service representatives.  CSR agents can also be monitored through telephone systems.  These actual observations are very helpful in ensuring employees are responding as the agency desires and can assist in the development of training needs and employee counsellings.  Customer satisfaction surveys serve as one of the best methods of determining customer attitudes, beliefs, service concerns  and discovering new ideas.  Adams consulting and its associates can assist in making these determinations as part of service design, quality assurance programming or as a stand alone task.  Regardless of agency size or complexity they need to know what the customer's service needs are and if they are satisfied.