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Contract Service Procurements

  • Procuring and managing contract transit services requires an understanding of federal and local procurement requirements, local objectives,  collective bargaining environment, and a thorough understanding of the scope of services that are envisioned.  Adams served three years on APTA's Procurement Task Force which resulted in the development of industry best practices to augment FTA's Best Practices Manual, Transit Procurement: A Guidebook for Transit Board Members and the Procurement Handbook for Transit General Managers and Senior Executives.   Mr Adams currently serves on APTA's Business Members Procurement Committee and the Procurement Standards Oversight Committee.  Adams  owned and or operated contract service companies from 1986 to 2005.

  • Adams can assist in  the development of Contract Transit and Paratransit RFP's that will:

    • Achieve maximum competition,  

    • Provide for maximum communication and information 

    • Analyze risk and sharing of risk to achieve equitable proposals at the best price

    • Provide a contractor selection process that results in "best value" for the agency 

    • Provide contract T&Cs that protect the agency and allow for future flexibility 

    • Include a work scope that assures proper staffing and program elements

    • Support agency objectives  

    • Provide incentives /disincentives

    • Achieve quality service

After a contract is in place, Adams offers Contract Assurance services. Please click this link for a detailed description.