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Forensic Services

Adams Consulting provides a unique combination of deeply-rooted knowledge in the transit industry, as well as a specialized skill set in fraud examination, litigation consulting and prevention. 

Fraud Examination

  • Are you a transit agency or transit service provider concerned about the validity of reported revenues?  Do you have suspicion of fare box theft?  Are you dealing with missing funds or potentially fraudulent financial reporting?   Whatever your issue, Adams Consulting brings financial and regulatory knowledge, combined with technical industry expertise to serve as your fact finding investigator, gathering evidence to assist your company, your legal counsel, or even law enforcement.  
  • Asset Misappropriation
    • Vendor Schemes
    • Expense Reporting
    • Farebox and Revenue Handling
    • Theft of cash or other assets
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting
    • Earnings Manipulation
    • Operational Misstatements
    • Corruption and Bribery
    • International operation irregularities
  • Investigative services include, but are not limited to:
    • Investigative Interviews
    • Data Mining
    • Journal Entry Analysis
    • Cut-Off Procedures
    • Preparation of Investigative Reports and Collection of Evidence
    • E-Mail Review and E-Discovery 

Litigation Consulting

  • Do you have a client in the transit industry?  Are they involved in a financial, procurement-related, or operational dispute?  Adams Consulting has the industry expertise necessary to perform financial and operational analyses, or serve as your expert witness in all matters involving public transit.

Fraud Mitigation / Prevention 

  • Adams Consulting has the skills to serve as your independent fact finding investigator, or your consultant to mitigate fraud risks before they become a reality. With decades of experience in transit operations, Adams Consulting has the ability to easily identify weaknesses in your control environment.
  • Fare box and revenue handling audits can identify significant control deficiencies.  Improving controls in these areas can increase revenues and reduce the effects of fraud.