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Contract Assurance

Contract assurance reviews may cover all elements of a contract or be focused on a single area such as transportation operations, revenue handling, vehicle maintenance, safety and training, service quality,  reporting, or staffing levels.  Assurance reviews may be provided for all types of service contracts including; fixed route, paratransit, vehicle or facility maintenace  or other general service contracts.  

Adams' reviews identify compliance issues with Federal, State and Local laws and carefully compare contractual requirements to actual service levels and performance.  Key contractual areas reviewed include:

  • Compliance with the Scope of Work
    • Staffing levels and qualifications
    • Training requirements
    • Preventive maintenace and records management  
    • Required program submittals and implementation
  • Performance measures
  • Service quality
  • Operating standards
  • Timeliness and acurracy of reporting
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Change orders 
  • Billing and invoicing

Adams assures agency's assets are being safeguarded.  For example, we go beyond just ensuring that inspections are done, or fares are collected. We ensure that the quality of the PMI's meet industry standards.  We identify the fares that should have been collected against those actually collected, we confirm that billing is accurate and the hours of service being billed have been provided.  

If you are considering outsourcing for the first time or at the start of a new procurement cycle, please see our link to Contract Service Procurements.